Our Team

Aidan and Jessica developed this business because, as riders and professionals in the horse industry they were often finding the types of products they wanted to use or recommend were either not available or far too expensive. Together with vital input from Amy O’Neil, Mel Rowe, Jemma Moon and Kerri Gibbs “Equine Therapy Products” was created, and will continue to grow with the ongoing input of our amazing distributors and clients.

Jessica Blackwell

As a therapist Jessica has searched far and wide for tools she wants to use in her business and will only recommend tools to others that she uses herself.

  • Therapy Sessions
  • Horses Helped
  • Certifications

Aidan Freight

Aidan is not only a farrier but an industrial electrician, he understands manufacturing and installation and is excited to bring the Rehabilitation Equipment to you soon!

  • Nails Driven In
  • Shoes Fired
  • Hours Training

Amy O’Neil

Amy brings a unique perspective, in addition to being an equine and small animal therapist, she is also a human therapist and DNS expert (Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilisation). She not only uses these therapies with her two & four legged clients she also uses them on herself after a sustaining a spinal injury.


Mel Row

Mel is our lymphatics specialist and has been researching and testing all the massage tools and Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilisation Tools (IASTM).  She is also working on some of our educational products.

  • lymphatic drainage treatments
  • lymphatic wrapping
  • taping treatments

Jemma Moon

Jemma has a special interest in fitness and conditioning and making sure both horse and rider are up to the task! As the president of the ETAA she tests all the products and provides us with very valuable feedback on what to keep and what to discard!

  • passion for her work
  • horse & rider fitness sessions
  • products tested

Kerri Gibbs

Kerri is a massage and hoof therapist with a special interest in equine nutrition. She’s been the leading force behind our blue pastern wraps.

  • hooves trimmed
  • massage treatments
  • nutrition studies

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