Equine Therapy Super Torch

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This torch is designed for the horse owner or therapist who really wants a laser but it’s out of their price range.

It has 5 diodes of 630nm: 660nm: 420nm: 850nm: pulsed 900nm which covers the spectrum’s of blue, red, near infra red and infra red penetrating to a depth of 3mm.

Research has shown that using a full spectrum of light can not only treat more conditions but penetrate a lot deeper within the tissues from the Epidermis right down to bone.


  • 5 Settings
  • 630nm: 660nm: 420nm: 850nm: 900nm
  • 5 x 3W
  • Battery 2500mAh
  • Input 3.7v
  • Stainless Steel
  • Button control for 5 minute cycles

Comes with torch, two batteries, charger, manual, glasses and case.

3 reviews for Equine Therapy Super Torch

  1. Pip Donaldson

    Purchased the new Super Torch and I absolutely love this handy pocket size therapy tool. Easy to use, no changing of heads to switch from red to blue and then there’s the option of having red and blue together, plus constant light or pulsing light!
    I put the light to use straight away as one of my young horses had a leg injury and healing process certainly took less time with daily application of light therapy. A valuable therapy tool to keep on hand.

  2. Bryony Oliver

    I purchased the red light torch a few years ago from Equestricare but have just upgraded to the super torch after being lucky enough to be leant the latter from Postural Pony during a very bad abcess for my boy. It helped in bringing out the abcess which was particularly painful and I am still using it everyday now that he is the other side. An essential part of my toolbox :). Thank you for an incredible product

  3. Kristy Riccardio

    I purchased the equine super torch as an Equestricare student and I have noticed a huge difference in the results when using this torch. I have been using it on all my case studies and also my horses at home and I definitely noticed a great difference in how much release I get there is definitely a huge benefit from adding this super torch to your tool box.

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