Multi Radiance Therapy Tendon Boots


Multi Radiance Tendon boots are designed to be easy to use & fit well.combination of Blue (440nm), Red (660nm) and Infra Red (840nm) light and have three options. All colours, Red & Infra Red or Blue & Infra Red

They are lightweight and fit securely on the horses tendons and pastern.

USB Charging with small lightweight battery system. Lasts for 60mins (4 x 15min sessions) without recharging. A powerbank can be used for longer use.


These boots have been designed for secure fit and comfort.  No more bulky batteries, cords or pads that slip or don’t cover the fetlock properly.

The boots come in a pair with left and right (single boots available occasionally)

Each boot has 110 LED chips with three frequencies each chip.  Red (660nm), blue 440nm and Infrared (850nm).  These can be used as red/infrared only, all together or blue/infrared only.

  • Push the buttons once: Red/Blue/Infrared. This targets not only the surface area but penetrates to a depth of 50mm which is beneficial for deeper structures such as tendons, ligaments, joints etc
  • Push the button again: Blue/Infrared lights only. This is for treating issues close to the surface such as wounds, scars, heat and inflammation, blue is especially good for skin issues.  It is also cooling
  • Push the button again: Red/Infrared  lights only. Red stimulates cellular activity, promotes collagen production, reduces inflammation and accelerates healing

If you press the power button for more then 3 seconds the button illuminates blue and the pad will be in pulse mode.

The intensity of the Tendon Boot is 150 mW/cm^2 the treatment time for tendon/ligament recovery is 10 minutes. 5 minutes for rehabilitation before and after training.

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Weight28 kg


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